Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney and Estate Law

Dying intestate (without a Will) is the safest way to ensure that you have absolutely no options whatsoever as to how your estate is to be divided. Simply put, if you fail to make a Will then one will be imposed on you by operation of law and the Surrogate Court (Ontario Superior Court of Justice) will appoint someone to act as Administrator of your Estate.

Wouldn't you sooner have appointed someone you trust to safeguard the assets in your Estate? As well, someone (not necessarily the person or persons that you would have named) will be appointed as guardian or guardians of your infant children.

Corporate and Business Law

For the past 35 years Ted Kelly Law Office has capably assisted clients by drafting Partnership Agreements, Incorporating their Companies (both Federal and Provincial), registering Sole Proprietorships and obtaining Master Business Licences for them.

Whatever business entity you wish to operate under, we can point you in the right direction.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Over the years Ted Kelly Law Office has provided advice to clients intending to purchase or sell residential, commercial or industrial real estate including urban, rural and waterfront properties.

Other related Real Property matters included in the above extend to obtaining Subdivision Approvals, Land Severances and Re-Zoning Applications.


Whether your mortgage is conventional or high ratio, institutional or private, including a vendor take-back mortgage Ted Kelly Law Office can assist you with your financing requirements.

Our broad experience in residential and commercial mortgage financing has also included mortgage enforcement proceedings.